Tennessee Walking Horses For Sale tennessee walking horse for sale

Tennessee Walking Horses For Sale

We have Tennessee Walking Horses for sale!  All of our Tennessee Walking Horses are carefully chosen for a  fine  natural smooth gait.  We require them to have a calm and collected disposition.  We examine each one for their  color, size and their conformation. Some of the most beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses are here in a diverse array of beautiful colors. We breed top quality Tennessee Walking Horses and are focused to sell only our best premier horses to those demanding people who seek that special horse others wish they owned. While we have finished horses, we also supply horses in training. Our numbers of Tennessee walking horses for sale will vary and are limited to those horses that we consider are the best horses we have to offer.

"Tennessee Walking Horses For Sale - To Ride One is to Own One"

The owner here at Red Rock Ranch is delighted to offer the highest quality Tennessee walking horses for sale to good homes. For more than the past thirty plus years Gaited Horses and Tennessee Walkers  have been our lives. We are not simply a sale barn.  Nor are we professional horse  brokers. We simply love riding, working, and training only the best of Tennessee walking horses. Tennessee walking horses are our passion, but certainly not our profession. The quality and caliber of Tennessee walking horses you purchase from Red Rock Ranch are our own personal horses. The Tennessee walking  horses we use we sell, and we only sell the Tennessee walking horses we use. We participate in numerous trail rides, and field trials.  During season, we hunt with our Tennessee walking horses. Our horses are exposed to a myriad of situations and experiences.  We participate in both group riding as well as solo riding situations.  We ride our Tennessee walking horses on trails, in the woods here in Alabama and across the nation.  We ride them over logs, in various types of water obstacles including creeks, and mud.  We condition them along area roads, in the proximity of autos and various types of trucks.  We ride our horses across all manner of terrain, up and down hills and we focus on encountering many different  animals and obstacles.  We go on overnight trips cookouts and campouts, including difficult mountain pack in hunts. Our Tennessee walking horses load,  bathe, shoe, clip, stall, stake-out, and readily come to you in the pasture.

"Tennessee Walking Horses For Sale - the smoothest ride of all"

If you're looking for that particular breed of horse that is easy to ride, easy to handle, a horse that is sweet and docile, a horse with a calm disposition and a willingness to please.  A horse that can significantly lend a leg up to your confidence and allow you to experience that controlled power first hand.  Can you visualize yourself atop a beautiful and majestic gaited Tennessee walking horse for sale  that doesn't bounce you or jar you.  A horse that has an wonderfully smooth,  comfortable and  safe ride. All your research will point you to the Tennessee Walking Horses for sale right here in Alabama at Red Rock Ranch.

"Tennessee Walking Horses For Sale - Let their GLIDE RIDE Spoil You"

We are the nation's best source for Top Quality naturally Gaited Tennessee Walking Horses for sale. If you are in the market for a Tennessee Walking Horse, then you owe it to yourself to call and come see us - here in Plantersville, Alabama. And you can make arrangements and schedule with us to transport your  Tennessee walking horse purchase for an additional fee based on loaded mile charges (this fluctuates due to gas prices).


tennessee walking horses for sale